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Excerpt from Tiger Pelt

Tiger Pelt is set in occupied Korea during World War II. This excerpt observes a poor farm boy, Kim Young Nam, as he watches over his fragile younger brother, nicknamed “Owlet”. Their family of subsistence farmers has been rendered destitute in support of the Japanese war effort, and the boys’ two older brothers have been conscripted to labor camps.

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When Harry Met Holden

Modern literature doesn't have anybody quite like Holden, the chain smoking fuck-up who goes on a three-day bender and ogles a MILF on a train and gets his ass kicked by a pimp. Not exactly a model citizen, but consider the alternative.

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Chasing the Buzz

Irma carefully put the vodka in the valley of her thighs, the neck of the bottle extending from her knee caps like a high dive hoisted above the dark chasm of Lexi's floorboards.

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Cemetery Celebrity

Everyday at dawn and dusk, she’d go to the cemetery. She liked the crack of shells beneath her feet as she walked between the marble headstones and palm trees. Everything was white. The casket was tiny, and so was the tombstone, which people seemed to like.

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