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A Client’s Call

But I'm thinking, this is a nice guy, in a nice apartment, and he's easy on the eyes. Shit, it'd be nice to have him as a regular, so I say, why don't you pay me now, okay, but let's not waste it, why don't we go into the bedroom and just take it slow, and we don't have to do anything you don't want.

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The old black piano, pushed against a side wall... had I seen it open before? Certainly not in use, and I wouldn't have known if it was tuned. It was. From the back, he looked both straight and relaxed. From the back he looked somehow vulnerable. Maybe we all do.

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All Joy, No Fun

Lydia was too flustered to play with Penelope, so she let her wriggle on her hip, laughing, as she pulled the diaper bag from the locker. That guy, Dave, had been checking out her ass. Like straight up staring at it, laser focused on her butt as she pulled out a wedgie.

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Untouched Grail

None of us did anything except watch a teenage girl choke out a middle-aged copywriter with thin wire frames and a red-checkered shirt that could have doubled as a picnic blanket.

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Slim Got Him

You take your average male ballerina in your average high school in America and you can bet that the day after he appears in front of the entire school in tights something awful is going to happen. But it didn't play out that way.

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